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Successful small businesses accounts on TikTok

Successful small businesses accounts on TikTok

How do you use TikTok for small businesses?  When should a small business post?  How many times per day should a small business post?

First of all, your business needs a professional account on TikTok.  This classification is free, and it allows you to view analytics so you can fine-tune your process.

For your small business to be successful on TikTok, you must create content consistently.  But what do you post?


Here are some TikTok video ideas for small businesses.

  • You can show what you do to popular sound clips.
  • Duet other user’s content with text that shows your expertise.
  • You can show images of our products in use edited to popular music or sounds.
  • Show tours of your office or facilities.
  • You can host demonstrations of your products.
  • How-to videos are popular.

If you don’t like creating content, you could hire a full-time or part-time content creator to film, edit, and publish the videos.  One small business hired TikToker to generate content as a full-time job.

Also, unlike Instagram, which shows the idealized self, TikTok is raw and doesn’t really need professional-looking content.  You might find the most amateurish videos are your most popular.  However, one thing you do need to be successful is decent lighting.


While you usually should post 3 to 6 times per day, especially in the first few weeks of your account, a small business might not have the time to do that.  Many popular small businesses only post a few times a week.  So whatever schedule you feel comfortable with and gets you results, the key is to keep to that schedule.


Most experts advise posting after 5 pm to midnight because this is when the app has the most users.  However, we recommend testing out different times to post. If a posting time gets you more views, use that time.  It would help if you also looked at your analytics to see what time most of your subscribers are viewing and do one post during that time, and one post outside of that time.


Here are some successful small businesses on TikTok and what they did to grow their channel.

Texas BeeWorks

Do you have a unique service?  This bee removal service has blown up on TikTok.  While they have limited success on Instagram and low results on YouTube, on TikTok, they currently have over 665,000 follows with some videos garnering 14 million views.  They started in April 2020 and didn’t post on a regular schedule.

What makes this channel interesting is that each video tells a story in a similar format.  They also sometimes mix it up with a standalone video, but for the most part, it is the same.

Exterior Power Washing


This Texas-based exterior cleaning company does TikTok’s without any voiceover to trending music.  Yes, what most would consider a pretty mundane business is exciting to many TikTok users. A few videos have gone viral with over 4 million views.  While they do not post on a regular schedule, the views are good to great.  They have 145 million followers.

Note the use of hashtags: (#epws #powerwash #pressurewashing #powerwashing #wash #clean #time #timepass #timelaps #beforeandafter) These are incredibly specific which allows TikTok to feed the content to the right people.  They do not use trending hashtags that are not relevant, nor do they use hashtags like #fyp or #foryoupage. The text of the posts is specific and explains what is going on.

However, the use of music and sounds are critical.  Popular and trending music will increase the number of views.

Another company Satisfying Cleans has pretty much emulated Exterior Power Washing with similar success.  So, if you find someone in a related business like yours and their channel is getting views, do not be afraid to copy it.

Caenhill Countryside Centre

Caenhill Countryside Centre is an educational farm for children in Wiltshire in the southwest of England.  With over 240 animals on the farm, they create content showing their animals as well as their educational programs.  They create multiple TikToks throughout the day that starts with the Morning Rush Hour videos where they release all the ducks, geese, and other animals from the barn to feed and get exercise for the day.

While they do not get a ton of views per video (and could get more if they worked on their SEO such as hashtags), they do have over 166 million followers.  That is 230 times the population of their county.  A few videos have gone viral and have led to positive press coverage for the charity from the BBC, Buzzfeed, Mashable, and other outlets.  They also have a Patreon with 239 members bringing in over $1,300 a month.